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Do you feel that your AC is slower in cooling your home in comparison to what it does normally? Do you notice warm or cold spots in your house?

If the answer to any of these questions can be “Yes,” it might be because of problems with your ducts and your ductwork may require to be fixed or replaced. Removing damaged or broken ductwork could drastically reduce cooling and heating costs as well as offer greater comfort and stability in temperatures throughout your home.

Mesquite’s Best AC & Heating Repair LLC is one of the most trustworthy and reliable repair companies for ducts. Servicing smaller residential systems for ducts to commercial ductwork that is larger and cooling or heating ducts that we’re not able to handle!

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Common ductwork problems

  • The ductwork which is getting old is likely to be starting to degrade. It is dependent on the kind of ductwork you have located in your home, generally, between 10 and 10 years, the outer liner starts or is about to degrade and the insulation starts to disappear. If this occurs in an attic with a temperature of more than 100 degrees, it could indicate that your air is 10 to 15 degrees higher when it enters your home. This could cause an increase in cooling and heating costs between 40 and 60 percent. To fix this issue any affected or broken ductwork needs to be replaced.
  • Leaks in air ducts can occur when sealants for ducts that are in good condition begin to fail, or the person who installed them didn’t safeguard the ductwork.
  • Rodents, such as rodents and squirrels, could also cause damage to the ductwork looking for an area that is cool in Texas hot climate. It’s a good idea to check your attic for rodents when you have had rodent issues.

What is Ductwork?

Ductwork is similar in design to straws. It carries air from one area to another (for example it could be for example, from the AC blower to inside of your home). Ductwork is usually made of pre-insulated fiberglass duct boards or malleable plastic. However, it is also made from ductwork that is sheets of metal (a pipe made from sheet metal) which is then insulated after it is put in place.

One of the main causes of duct problems

Heating and cooling systems with ducts are designed so the way that they are hidden and not visible to us Therefore when they require to be repaired, we do not be aware of it if the air conditioning performance is inadequate.

Many heating systems with ducts and air conditioning are prone to issues and cause problems in the course of time. The majority of these issues stem from possums and rodents along with cats and other animals. They chew through the ductwork looking for a magical and secure place to stay and then cause them with AC pipelines damaged. They’re not visible, but they can be detected or smelled the odor.

The damages caused by possums are immense and vast and most of the time all AC ducts will require replacement. Mesquite’s Best AC and Heating Repair team of duct repairers are experts in identifying the issues and providing solutions to resolve the problem.

Other animals, including wombats, cats, dogs as well, are capable of settling in vents to keep warm and keep warm, which leaves the AC vents damaged and restricts the circulation of air.

Some ducts get damaged because of flooding. When water manages to enter those AC ducts, it stays for a prolonged period which causes the ducts to shrink and then become damaged. Sometimes, people are able to get inside the ductwork and break it up and damage the ducts. In some cases, it’s due to inadequate installation or not being able to reach the air conditioning vents because they are further away from heating systems. the airflow can be reduced in specific parts of the house.

Mesquite Best AC & Heater Repair LLC will conduct an extensive examination of the ductwork inside your home to determine the severity of repairs needed. Inspection of ductwork can be 90% visual. However, there are instances where an infrared camera may be employed for an extensive examination of the obscure areas that are ductwork.

Mesquite Best AC & Heater Repair LLC can also perform the air-balance test. The majority of calls we receive the result from one part of your home is too hot or cool and indicates that it is necessary to regulate the airflow within your home. This can be accomplished through the installation of dampers and adjustments and using modern technology (such as an airflow gauge or Bolometer) to measure the airflow rate in the region affected.

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